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Final Expense

final expenseWhile no one knows when we or a loved one will pass on, we can take steps now to help ensure that funeral costs and other final expenses will be covered when the time comes and help ensure a legacy of peace and calm.


Funeral Costs Estimates

Professional services, embalming, visitation, etc.: $7,640

Metal casket: $2,500

Burial vault: $1,495

Cemetery Cost Estimates

Cemetery plot: $400-$10,000

Monument: $500-$12,000

Opening and closing of the grave (varies by cemetery): $300-$1,000

Graveside service fee: $220-$1,700

Range Of Estimated Funeral Expenses: $9,995-$24,700*

*AVG expense to cover: 2021 $15,000

Other Possible Final Expenses:

May include immediate household expenses, car loans, and loss of income.

Unlike an inheritance, final expenses are something none of us want to leave behind for a loved one. The goal is to share a gift- or legacy – rather than costs and expenses.

FYI: Social Security only covers a lump sum of $255 for those who qualify for final expense and the Veteran’s Administration final expense benefit only covers from $807 to $1,107 for a non-service-related death (if you qualify).

Final expense insurance is fast and easy and can make a world of difference at a difficult time.