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Critical Care Insurance

CriticalCritical Care (or Critical Cash) Insurance provides cash to a policy holder upon diagnosis of a covered condition. I find it is particularly valuable for those who can not qualify for a traditional long term care insurance policy and desire some form of asset protection should they have a critical care event.

These policies have a lot of flexibility. You can use the benefit money to pay for any expense you choose.

The GTL Critical Cash Insurance is available in Washington, Idaho and Montana.

What is it?

Today, the odds of surviving a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease are better than ever. Critical Cash, critical illness insurance, helps cover expenses that your other insurance may not cover, and it helps cover expenses associated with recovery in an Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home.

How does it work?

With Critical Cash, it’s your policy, your cash, your choice. You choose your monthly base benefit, your benefit period and your monthly facility benefit. The policy is designed to pay cash benefits upon diagnosis of a covered condition. No bills need to be submitted – benefits are paid regardless of actual expenses. You simply provide proof of diagnosis.

Why do I need it?

Critical Cash can help you withstand a prolonged treatment and recovery period without digging yourself into debt. It can also help pay for lifesaving treatments that require temporary relocation, such as waiting for a major organ transplant. Critical Cash is designed to help cover the medical expenses that your other insurance may not cover.