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Endorsed by Dave Ramsey for Long-Term Care Insurance

Joel Ferris, Jr. is an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for Long-Term Care Insurance serving State of Montana, Western Wyoming and North Idaho as the Dave Ramsey ELP for LTCI. He is the registered principal agent at Northwest Planning, Inc.

The choice is clear, without a plan in place, long-term care can be a challenging and potentially devastating event for an individual or family. Long-term care insurance should be a vital and mandatory part of everyone’s retirement plan.

As a Dave Ramsey long-term care ELP, Joel has the “heart of a teacher” and provides suitable and affordable long term care planning options for his clients and takes pride in being a good listener.

“It is not about me. We are talking about your plan and what is a right fit for you.”

Joel has an excellent background in the field of long-term care planning. He developed an interest in the field by providing custodial care for his mother before she passed away.

“That experience made me realize that if you reach your late 80s and have not planned for your long-term care you will be in a very vulnerable place, emotionally and financially. My mom didn’t have a plan and needed to rely on her adult children. My wife and I were happy to be there for her, but because we did have our own jobs (she is a teacher, I owned a small business at the time), it was challenging.”

A long-term care plan allows both parent and adult child to retain their family roles and not change the primary dynamic of that relationship to patient/caregiver.

Joel has been a long-term care insurance Field Director for the #1 Regional office* in the United States for Genworth Financial. Joel is currently affiliated with Northwest Planning, Inc. (NPI) in Spokane which is one of the pioneers in long-term care insurance planning in the Inland Northwest since 1991. He is available for either in-person appointments with his local clients or for remote online appointments for his regional clients. Joel is highly regarded by his clients as a sincere, trusted long-term care insurance professional.

* The PNW Agency in Seattle which Joel was affiliated with until June 2015 was ranked #1 in the U.S. in 2013.

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No underwriting, no age limit to apply and you don’t have to go on claim to use. The next step in long term care planning.

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